They say there's so many fish in the sea, but there is only one certain fish that matters to you. Let that fish swim in a sea of dreams whale nursery! Our Hook, Line & Sinker nautical baby bedding collection, featured below, would be a killer (whale) combination with a whale themed nursery.

whale nursery & whale themed nursery

Hook, Line & Sinker Baby Bedding Collection

A billowing blue crib sheet with bottles of boats, and sea creatures that could teach your child a thing or two about the turbulent seas.

Hook, Line & Sinker Crib Sheet

Children's books, such as The Whale Jumped Over the Moon, need bookends (that's a fake book by the way).

Whale Bookend Set

Stuff your stuffed animals, blankets, toys, and other miscellaneous things in a basket storage that fits the theme.  Whale nursery decor is fun and coastal!

Because who knows, maybe your baby will learn to speak whale like Dory from Finding Nemo.

Paint the whales with walls (wait, did I say that wrong).

Whale Wall Decals

We hope you love our ideas for a whale themed nursery!