Small Nursery Ideas for Tiny Spaces:  Make Room for Baby in NYC!

Fox News contacted New Arrivals, Inc. to assist in designing a small space nursery for a "Cramped for Space" segment they were airing about a young couple who were creating a nursery for a baby in a small apartment in New York City.  Small baby room ideas can be challenging, but with a little creativity, it can become a warm and cozy space for your newborn.  

When we first visited Kristen and Dan Plaus's apartment, we could not imagine how we were going to fit a crib, changing table and other necessary nursery items in their home office space.  You can see from the before pictures below, we had our work cut out for us!


Watch the video below to see the nursery designed from start to finish!

It was important to Kristen that the nursery blend in with the decor of their home.  So the fabrics we choose were neutrals that would coordinate with the adjoining living room.  Soft robin' egg polka dot fabric, camel corduroy and a diamond patterned fabric were our final selections.  Because of the small space, we had to be selective with what furniture would fit comfortably in the room.  After discussing which furniture items were crucial, we settled on the crib and changing table.  Since we were unable to fit a dresser in the room, baskets were used to organize baby clothes, diapers, etc.  

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In order to add some personalization to the nursery, we hung our Wooden Letters spelling "Alexander" with chocolate ribbon.

A wall bookshelf holds favorite books and a coordinating memoboard holds memorabilia and special photos.

Many nurseries are on the small side. The nursery might be a second or third bedroom, a large walk-in closet with the door removed, or a shared space in the parents' bedroom. So, careful space planning is essential in order to create a comfortable space for the new baby. The good news is that babies don't need much space at first, really just enough room for a to sleep and get their diaper changed!  Some things to keep in mind when designing a nursery in a small space:

1.  When square footage is at a premium,  it is important to prioritize the essentials you can't live without.  Many nursery dressers have an optional changing tray that can go on top, thus eliminating the need for a changing table.  Determine what can fit in other areas of the home, like storage of toys, books and a place to snuggle and bond with your baby.  A door hanging shoe organizer is perfect for storing socks, shoes and other baby items.

2.  Maximize your closet space.  Closet and drawer organizers can help you to keep clothes, socks and shoes in place. 

3. Wall shelves can help to declutter the room, and make a great spot for picture frames, books and other personal items.

4.  Decorating your nursery with decor items is fun, and enables you to put the finishing touches on the nursery.  However, in a small space, incorporate decor that is functional as well.  Shelves and decorative baskets can add flair to the room, but also double as great storage space.  Pick only your favorite decor items for your small nursery. 

The main idea to keep in mind is creativity can transform any space. At the end of the day, big space or small, one needs to know what essentials are necessary to keep a baby happy! 

Finding creative ways to incorporate the necessities into your small space will make your nursery feel like home and add your own unique twist to it!