7 Nursery Trends for 2016

It’s a new year which means new looks for the nursery too! Trends come and go - some stay longer than others.  What will be the popular nursery trends for 2016?  2015 nursery trends included chevron, herringbone, animal, tribal, & woodland themes.  We saw an abundance of mint, coral and gray colors.  But it is time to move on and to what we are predicting to be trendy in 2016!  These are some of our favorites.
1.  Florals

Florals are back in a big way in a variety of colors and styles.  The popularity of shabby chic, modern and bright floral patterns is popping up in nurseries everywhere!  Sweet rose floral prints are not only for grandma’s house anymore.  From soft pinks to bright colors, everything is coming up roses. Infuse your nursery with more of this look by adding floral patterned crib bedding, wall décor, lighting, pillows, wallpaper and more.


2.  Paisley

Paisley patterns have been a favorite in interior design for decades, and they are always fun and fresh in the nursery.  Popular paisley color patterns include aqua, pink, coral and green. This delightful pattern comes in darker jewel tone colors, soft pastel shades or as fresh as spring in bright happy colors.  Paisley prints often include flowers and various shapes which coordinate well with other simple patterns like stripes and polka dots.


3.  Navy & Rustic

Think rusted letters, pallet walls, wooden cribs and forest animals (deers & bears). Rustic décor ideas include anything with “adventure”, “be brave”, feathers, antlers and arrows.  Put these elements all together in your nursery, and you are sure to create a naturally warm and outdoorsy vibe for your baby boy!


4.  Arrows

The whimsical arrow nursery trend has been around for a while now, but it shows no signs of fading away.  Arrow crib bedding can evoke an adventurous feel in your baby's nursery and can be found in a variety of colors and patterns.  Fun and adorable arrow patterned décor items are easy to find for wall décor, pillows, crib mobiles, framed prints & more.


 5.  Modern Baby Bedding

Does your home have a modern flair?  If so, a modern nursery could complement the rest of your home's design, and create a simple clean space for your baby.  Stylish modern nursery colors include aqua, black, gray, orange, hot pink and even black.  Chevron, swiss cross, triangles and polka dots are popular patterns for modern baby bedding.  Modern nursery design has been a staple in nurseries for a long time, but we see it sticking around for years to come.


6.  A Hint of Navy for Baby Girls

Floral prints with a hint of navy started catching on at the end of 2015.  Navy blue isn’t just for boys anymore.  Navy can invoke a modern chic style in a baby girl’s room.  New fun colors to pair with navy include peach, gray or aqua for a nursery that is a dream come true!


7.  World Traveler Nursery

Think globes, maps, "explore" & "adventure awaits".  This fun nursery theme is just getting started.  We are looking forward to seeing much more nurseries with this adorable design in 2016.



There are several trends from 2015 that show no signs of stopping such as tribal, gold and woodland themed nurseries.
Colors from 2015 including mint, coral and gold will still be hot nursery colors for the coming year, but soft pastel colors will be the rage.  Lilac, soft green, pale blue and pink will take the stage in 2016.