A nursery gallery wall is a fun way to make a statement in your baby's room! They are easy to create on a budget and the options are endless! Eclectic nursery wall displays never seem to go out of style. 

 Here are some of our favorite inspirations:

  nursery gallery wall | gallery wall in a nursery 

 Develop a color scheme for your gallery and tie the items together by coordinating colors.  The items in the gallery wall above coordinate perfectly with blues and red colors. Pink and Gold make for an elegant wall in a girls room.  Even an empty frame will do!

Decorate your wall with some of your favorite fabrics use fabrics from your crib bedding, an outfit they have outgrown, or just choose some beautiful colors and patterns that you enjoy.  Frame the fabrics and create a fun wall display! 


Hang artwork made by your kids that you never seem to have enough room on the fridge for!  Keep adding to it as time goes on and watch the artwork progress as the children grow older.Mount sculptures, shadow boxes, letters, or baby shoes. Incorporate things that are already on your wall such as shelves, clocks, and growth charts. We love animal head mountings, which are trending in the nursery!

Have a miniature gallery so that you don’t feel overwhelmed in a small nursery.  You can always add on to the gallery later. If bold colors aren’t your thing, make use of a gallery wall to create a focal point in a room with neutral colors. If you’re still not sure what to hang on the wall, place pictures of your family in the gallery.  You can’t go wrong looking at precious moments of your loved ones. 

 One last thing to think about when you’re hanging items on your gallery wall is placement.  Remember to sketch out a plan of where you want the objects to hang before you start making holes everywhere! This will certainly help you relieve the stress of arrangement. 

 What are some of your favorite pieces to hang on a gallery wall?  

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