nursery design ideas

Having trouble getting started on your baby room? We have some wonderful nursery design ideas to share with you and have put together a few simple steps to guide you along the way! Don't forget to browse our collection of baby bedding and nursery decor to get inspired!

1) Pick Your Furniture:

  • Crib: A place of comfort and warmth for your baby.
  • Changing Station: You will be spending a lot of time here!
  • Dresser: To keep your baby's essentials accessible and organized.
  • "Rocker: For all those late night feedings!
2) Choose a Main Color:
  • Deciding on a main color for your nursery design sets the tone and feel of the space. Do you want a warm and fuzzy nursery? Or a cool and calming feel? Once you choose the main color and the feel you want the space to have everything else will be much easier to decide on!

3) Choose Accent Colors:
  • You will want to add some color contrast to your nursery design. For example, if you are doing a girl's nursery in pink, add bits of gray and white accents to add some pop to the space (see out Stella Gray little girls bedding). 
4) Choose Baby Bedding:
5) Choose Accessories:
  • Matching curtain panels and changing pad covers are a great way to tie in coordinating patterns to a nursery!
6) Personalize:
  • We recommend our collection of baby room wall letters, varying in shapes, sizes and color. You can spell out your baby's name or a special phrase!
  • Add an even more personal touch with a custom monogram plaque, choose a shape and fabric to match your nursery theme!
Visit our Baby Bedding page to view our entire collection of baby bedding and nursery decor!