Nautical Theme Nursery Inspiration

Ahoy There! Seas the day and get on deck with our nautical baby bedding and nautical nursery inspiration. Nautical nurseries are an oldie but a goody and always seem to roll in again like the waves on the shore! Designing a nautical nursery for your coastal cutie is all about the details and finding the perfect baby bedding!

Getting on board with nautical themed nurseries is easy when you see how adorable they can be! Nautical nurseries can work for your girl or boy depending on the colors you choose! It’s easy to incorporate details of the sea for whatever gender you are having! 

On the left, we see a traditional nautical themed boy nursery with navy and red. The antique buoy and aged netting adds a decorative touch for your boy. The anchor lamp and sailboat details are the perfect touch for an adventurous feel.

On the right, is the sweetest nautical nursery for a little girl we have ever seen! We love this modern take of the nautical themed nursery. Whimsical waves found in the wall paper mixed with a detailed picture of a beach scene over the crib, allows one to visualize the love of the sea in the space. The white antique sailboat, different patterns of bohemian blankets, and the bright coral crib in the space combine boho, nautical, and modern themes that seem to blend in perfect harmony to create a unique space!
{Selecting your baby bedding can make the entire theme for your nursery}

nautical theme nursery      

On the left, our New Arrivals nautical Hook, Line & Sinker baby bedding collection is inspired by the sea. One can imagine life at sea with sailboats and shades of blue! We love this collection and had fun accenting this nursery with anchor lamp and sailboat decor.

On the right, our My Baby Sam line carries our First Mate Crib Collection, which features the traditional nautical colors of red, blue, and white. This crib collection is light and will brighten any nursery!

In our Ahoy Matey nautical baby bedding is inspired by the sea and all its beauty! This nautical inspired baby bedding is perfect for a baby boy's nursery! The navy and white will brighten your nursery and thoughts! While you rock your little babe to sleep one can imagine the colors of the sea while you hum Kokomo by the Beach Boys to your little beach babe. Sounds almost perfect, huh?! 

After you select your nautical theme and bedding, its time for our favorite part!
{Add details to the personalize the space!}

Have fun with decorative signs! Signs are easy to place in your nursery and add a personalized message for your little sailor! We found these adorable nautical signs that would work perfect in your nursery from Etsy!

Our framed wooden letters would work perfect in a nautical nursery with fun different patterns and customization options!


An easy way to add a unique touch to your nautical nursery is adding creative storage techniques! With the nursery on the left, we love the way they got creative with shelving by incorporating a sailboat design as a book shelf! The fun fish hooks from Anthropologie on the right are perfect for hanging clothes, hats or anything else that needs a spot to hang.

This unique wall shelf hanging by rope will add to whimsy to any nautical nursery is perfect for keepsakes and will help keep your nursery tidy! The adorable whale bookends are seaworthy enough to hold your baby's favorite books!

Pull together a collection of nautical wall decor and create a wall gallery in your nursery.  Signs, prints and anything nautical will add more maritime feel to the room!

For more nautical inspiration and nursery design tips, follow our Nautical Baby Bedding and Inspiration Pinterest Board!
Are you currently designing a nautical nursery for your little one?! We would love to know any fun ideas you are currently loving! {Please let us know in the comments below!}