Sophisticated nurseries are one way to master a nursery that assimilates functionality and style. Incorporating furniture pieces that are chic and stylish will allow your baby to grow into the space as he/she get older.  On our blog today we are sharing design ideas for luxury nursery.  Think out of the box when designing your dream nursery! Add greenery, elegant paintings, mid-century rugs, and vintage-antiqued pieces to create a unique space that is truly yours. Keep in mind that functionality and style is key when decorating your sophisticated nursery!  

Above is the nursery designed for Nick & Lauren Carter's (the Backstreet Boys) baby boy, Odin.  A stunning modern crib, sophisticated furniture pieces and vintage print wallpaper contribute to stunning baby boy nursery space.  The rest of the Carter's Calabasas home is styled in similar style and colors, so their nursery is a perfect complement to the rest of their elegant abode.

Gender Neutral Luxury Nurseries

neutral nursery

Creating a sophisticated cozy abode for your little babe that is a neutral space is a breeze! Out are the days of using pieces from only the baby department, but instead incorporate transition pieces that you can use in other parts of your home. Using neutral colors in your furniture such as whites, woods, and greys will allow you to create a fresh and clean palette that will enable you to add color in the decorative items! By using timeless furniture pieces, this will save you money and time from redecorating as your little one grows. 

Mixing mid-century rugs and modern textiles creates a unique and chic space for baby.  Having a space with great lighting will really brighten the space and allow your colors to intertwine beautifully.  

Sophisticated Baby Girl Nurseries

Sophisticated nurseries for your little gal can still be feminine and sweet! The key to creating this space is to incorporate neutrals with pops of pinks, corals, and other blush tones to add some feminine touches to the decor! It is important to add color but do so in a timeless way. The rug in this swoon worthy nursery to the left incorporates pops of corals and pinks in the moroccan inspired rug, that will stand the end of time.  Blush tones found in the walls and paintings add a feminine touch in the nursery to the left, while all the other pieces are neutral and with minimal decor items. The white dresser will be a easy transition from changing table to dresser!

baby girl nursery

Our Dusty Pink Linen crib bedding collection is perfect for your little gal's sophisticated nursery! It is still feminine yet chic paired with a soft pink linen fabric and a colorful floral crib sheet. 

Sophisticated Boy Nursery

sophisticated baby boy nursery

Designing a sophisticated nursery for your little boy is all about the ongoing trend of using neutral pieces with touches of masculine pieces throughout. We love this gray neutral nursery above that is fit for a king! The dark stained wooden shelves add a masculine touch that is not over bearing. We love the modern touches found in the floor lamp and rocker that can easily transition to other rooms in the house! The baby like pieces found in the sheep mobile and alphabet picture is neutral coloring while still having a mature look to them for the nursery! We love this space! 

Do you have a sophisticated nursery?  We hope you love our nursery ideas for elegant nursery design!  

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