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Changing Table Ideas:  Vintage Dresser as a Changing Table....

Looking for a way to change up your nursery, save money and make it more unique?  One place to start is with your changing table.  Buying a matching changing table for your crib is one option, but why not go for a vintage or modern dresser for your baby’s room?  Search antique stores, estate sales, Craigslist and Ebay for an inexpensive dresser you can paint to coordinate with the rest of your room.  Using a dresser also eliminates the need for another piece of furniture in the nursery, giving you more space.  

Here are some of my favorite dressers converted to a Changing Table.

Love this white dresser with gold trim & drawer pulls! (above)

This simple white dresser is dressed up with adorable pink rose drawer pulls.


Cute white dresser with soft blue drawers.

Inexpensive IKEA dresser is dressed up as a changing table. You could simply change out dresser pulls for a different look.


Simple white dresser with amazing vintage mirror and small frame gallery.  Precious!

Another white dresser turned changing table.  

Pros for a Changing Table: 

     1.  Has stable sides, so baby won’t roll over edge.         
     2.  Has space/shelves to contain all your diapering supplies. 

Pros for Changing Table on Dresser: 

     1. Allows for more room in the nursery (One less piece of furniture)
     2.  No expiration date…Dresser is a piece of furniture you can use forever, whereas the Changing Table will no longer be of use, once your baby grows out of diapers.

Last but not least, place a lamp or sconce (with low watt bulb) near your changing table for late night changes. A soft light will be easier on your baby at nighttime versus a bright overhead ceiling lamp.your changing table or dresser has limited surface space, shelves and hooks nearby will be helpful for storage of diaper changing essentials.

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