The beginning of a new year is usually a great time to get organized.  We are often inspired to arrange our clutter from the year before, and put things in place as we begin a new year.  How do you organize a nursery closet?  Nursery closets can be one of those places that can become chaotic and accumulate clutter.  Today we are sharing some baby closet ideas and nursery organization ideas and tips.  These closets are not only well organized, but beautiful and lovely to look at as well!
baby closet ideas | nursery organization ideas

Floating shelves in a closet?  Unusual, but we think it looks amazing.  Shelving is perfect for baskets of clothes, shoes, blankets, undergarments and more.  These adorable white baskets are sweet and useful.  The gold clothes rack is a unique twist, and shows off precious baby girl outfits!

Not only is this nursery organized, it's gorgeous as well!  The brass rods and DIY white tassels are a nice touch!  The neutral colored bins are a great spot for small items and toys.

Wallpaper is an easy way to brighten up any space, even the closet!  Choose a color coordinating wallpaper, and accent your closet walls.

Don't have closet space in your baby's room?  An armoire can be a great way to organize all of your nursery necessities. 

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