Pinterest is a social media site that allows you to pin images you upload or find online to a virtual Pinboard and share them with others. You can create as many Pinboards as you would like based on your likes. Examples of Pinboards are: DIY, Home, Recipes, Weddings, Photography, etc. People can follow you and repin images that they like to add it to their own Pinboard.Pinterest offers a bookmarking tool called Bookmarklet that installs to your Web browser toolbar and enables you to pin any image or video you find when browsing the Internet. Or you have the option of uploading your own image to your Pinboard. When you visit another persons Pinboard, you have five options for actions to perform: You can follow all their boards, follow one of their boards, like a pin, comment on a pin, or repin the pin to one of your own Pinboards. 

 Who uses Pinterest? Women make up about 80% of Pinterest's audience. Nearly 50% are between the ages of 25 and 44.  According to a 2012 report, Pinterest was ranked nationally as the third most-popular social network. For the month of March 2012, Pinterest received a total of 104 million visits. Twitter came in at 182 million, whereas Facebook took the lead at 7 billion monthly visits. Pinterest, the newest, hottest social media network, is attracting everyone from moms sharing recipes to companies trying to sell their products. 

 Pinterest differs from other social media platforms in that it is more about what you love, make, or buy rather than who you know.The user experience is more like flipping through a magazine than organizing your friends and preferences into time lines, circles or groups. 

 At New Arrivals, Inc., we have created our own Pinterest page for decoration inspiration for your home, kids rooms, nurseries, photography, quotes, do-it-yourself projects, and much more.Here are just some of our boards you may want to follow (we have 45!):