Christmas Decor for Kids Rooms & Babies

Don't limit the fun of holiday decorating to the main areas of your home!  Let your children get excited by dressing up their room with the holiday spirit.  We bring tidings of good nursery holiday decorating ideas!  Tuck your child in to bed surrounded by Christmas spirit. Christmas magic nestles in the souls of our children.  Treat them to the seasonal bedroom they deserve!

Decorating your kids room for the holidays can be fun!  Wreaths, garland and more can bring holiday joy in to your child's room or nursery.

Who says Christmas trees have to be trees? They can be wood and strings and trinkets...This adorable DIY Christmas Tree adds a rustic feel to the holiday.

Garland it up! Take those ceilings to new heights by stretching some colorful garland strings in their room!  Garland can be inexpensive to buy or fun to make.  Use pom poms, tassels, cut outs and more to create a festive hanging decoration.

This sweet personalized wall print will add a festive look to a nursery or kid's room!

Wreaths can give the wall the pizazz it so desires during the holidays and year round. (Way better than a gallery wall!)

Even llamas can celebrate Christmas too!  Holiday dressed stuffed animals can bring in the spirit of Christmas.

We'd love to hear your ideas for decorating kid's rooms for the holidays!  Leave a comment below!

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