Decorate your nursery in a bold way with large wooden letters!  Large wall letters are a fun way to add pizazz and personalization to your baby's room.

Looking for a decoration unique to your child? Combine some of our wall-hanging letters to display their initials in a big way, or simply use one (because hey, you know what it stands for and that's all that matters). Above is one of our cursive letters in white, an old school design we love. Below is a more rustic, shabby chic take on the "K."

"B" is for boy! Or could it be baby? or Bob? Who knows but either way the simplicity strike home in a big way; this is an accessory that would harmonize well with the lover of simple beauty.

This letter made of flowers is a beautiful way to make your baby girl's nursery pop with color.

Feeling like inspiring your baby by putting their name up in flashing lights? Maybe your baby will aspire to have more fans than just, say, this here stuffed dinosaur and elephant.