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Aqua Box Edge Pillow | Dalmatian Spots Crib Collection

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Part Number: AP:AP-DSAB
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Product Details

Our Aqua Box Edge Pillow is perfect for your nursery glider or bay window!  Nursery pillows can tie together your baby bedding, curtains, rug and any other design elements in the room.  Connect the dots in the nursery by brightening up a chair, adding a pop of color, giving a lift to a bay window or introducing a new trend with a fun and whimsical nursery pillow.  Pillows are one of the easiest and one of the least expensive ways to add color & pattern to your baby's room.

*Nursery pillows are for decorative use only.  Do not leave pillows in crib with baby.

Made in the USA.

Want to customize this pillow?  Email us for customization options!

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