Our own, Tori Swaim, Owner/Designer of New Arrivals Inc. and My Baby Sam, is the epitome of a working mother. Not only does she work full-time running her two companies, she is a full-time mom to Austin (19), Sawyer (16), and Macy (14). Tori doesn't claim to be perfect, she goes through about 3 cell phones a year, forgets her laptop on planes, dings up her Suburban, and on occasion forgets her wallet in a shopping cart.  But when it comes to her business and family, she is always on point.

Tori's day starts early at 5 a.m., beginning with making lunches for Sawyer and Macy (Austin is attending college at the University of Central Florida). After lunches & breakfast are done, she puts in her dreaded but necessary 1 hour of excercise per day.  She chooses between InSanity or P90X! After her work out, she takes her little dog, Daisy, for a walk around her Atlantic Beach, FL neighborhood.

Then she hops in her white Suburban (Tori plans to switch to a much smaller vehicle with a better turning radius when all her kids can drive) and heads off to work at her warehouse. A typical workday is spent chained to her laptop, checking on our Facebook fans, searching for new fabrics and brainstorming ideas for new baby bedding sets and decor pieces for New Arrivals & My Baby Sam. 

At 3 p.m. it is time to meet her kids at home after school, make dinner, and spend time with her family. Sawyer, the surfer, Macy, the dancer, and her husband, Steve, the guitar player, always have a good story for the dinner table. After dinner and a much-needed glass of wine (or two), one last check of her email inbox, and she gets to bed to get her beauty sleep! 

Not every woman is capable of keeping up with two full-time jobs, but Tori does a great job. She has an awesome relationship with her family, employees and friends and has a good time doing all of it! Tori, New Arrivals Inc. and My Baby Sam are sure to keeping growing and bringing you the best in baby bedding and nursery décor!